1966 Highlights

Mom and June Corbett at Little Mtn

Datsun Fairlady

Brenda at Blenheim Flats

Lynne and Gwen in kitchen

Sleeping at Bowron Lakes

The lake at Bowron

The Rail Car Incident

Walt on water slide

Simpson Family group

Mom at Cultus Lake (when she got drunk)

Ollie and Dee Melody

Dee Melody wedding

Flo knitting again

Hannahs and us at Indian Head

Raking leaves in back yard

Ralph Banting on ferry

Corbett in Skaha Lake Penticton

Skaha Lake

Lake Kalamalka

Laughing at Sooke waves

Other photos of Penticton, Kalamalka, Vancouver, the bee invasion, Bowron Lakes, Skaha Lake

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