1963 Highlights

Flo, Harold, Walt in Victoria (?)

Brenda's Birthday 1963


Lynne pensive by fence at back of Blenheim house

Bill Paley at Blenheim

Walt & kids at Blenheim

View from Chieftain

Glen Echo Lake

David Lupul & Brenda

Eileen painting Easter eggs

Brenda with huge fish

Aunt Ann

Teddy Bears

Unity Sask

Disneyland for Christmas

California for Xmas

Mark with girl friend at Knott's berry farm


Dorothy at L.A. seashore

Brenda at Marine Land

Lynne and Marion Bene

New Year's Eve and Day

Walt&Brenda asleep in the car on N.Year Eve

New Year's day at Margaret & Claude

Aunt Ann New Year's Day

Dorothy Ann Brenda

Mark at Margaret & Claude


Brenda searches for grasshoppers but only finds "HimAgain"

Corbet swimming at Skaha Lake


Spring at Blenheim

Sid Anne Baba magnolia

Lynne, Les, Roses

Les and Mrs. Snead

Les and Mrs. Snead posed

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